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“PLAINTIFFS’ PLIGHT 1984” is a legal fiction story that unfolds at the dawn of the computerization of law offices. The setting is Rancho Bernardo, a relatively new subdivision in the city of San Diego. It is a compelling tale about the clients of Dan Masters, a respected attorney, presented as a selection of intertwined vignettes. The dialog throughout the book includes philosophical discussions between Masters and his long-time professional friends. Their banter is entertaining, thought-provoking, and replete with fascinating historical events.


Some of the clients sustain horrible injuries. Paul Danworthy, for example, suffers a broken neck and paralysis from a high-speed head-on car crash. Will Specter loses his eye in an industrial accident. The Buellstein case pits a sister against her brothers in a contest over their father’s Will. All the victims in the story endure tragic losses, but before any of the issues are legally resolved, the intricacies of the legal system itself intensify their plight. The path Masters follows in his struggle for justice is tense and clever.


Masters’ investigative perseverance and diplomatic skills make “PLAINTIFFS’ PLIGHT 1984” a page-turner. In spite of battling opponents who seem to care little for truth or justice, Masters style of honesty and compliance with the law serves as a guide to how all lawyers ought to behave. The plot is sufficiently fascinating to make readers eager to know how wit, charm, and sometimes luck can combine to win the day. As a bastion of integrity and perseverance, Masters is the lawyer you want.


Anyone dealing with a lawyer would be well served to read this story, but even those who never go near a court will love this book. When you reach the last page, you may wish for another story as satisfying as “PLAINTIFFS’ PLIGHT 1984.”

Background is Rancho Bernardo, the home of Dan Masters. Masters is the main character in Plaintiffs' Plight 1984.
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