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“It’s really engrossing and wonderful to read. . . This book will be discussed and remembered long after the last chapter is read. Donald Moses brings to life glimpses of a true law.”​​

Myrna Reese of the Sun Signature

A new solo practitioner has burst onto the literary legal scene: the meticulous but fictional lawyer Dan Masters, who not only has the same initials as the author but who, like him, is a San Diego-based attorney. Masters is a trial lawyer, an advocate for the plaintiffs. With an invaluable secretary, a young bookkeeper and an inquisitive lawschool intern, he successfully manages to handle a formidable case load, sometime wishing that like television’s Perry Mason he only had to handle one case at a time. . . So, if you plan to become alawyer—or, if like me, you enjoy such television franchises as Law and Order and CSI —you probably will like this book.

Don Harrison of the San Diego Jewish World

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